Written by Dora Markulić

There is an emotion that is out of this world

It is greater than happiness, and sadness, and hatred, and pain.

It’s covered under our coats, around our hearts furled,

Love, love, love – that is its name.

Soon it will come in form

Of a baby boy laid in a manger.

That mighty man would later calm the storm

And save us from every danger.

Love is given to us from Heaven

That with the help of it we can get back to that place.

We managed to lose the Garden of Eden

But now we have the chance to reach the Sky with God’s grace.

Let’s not be stingy, let’s not only look at ourselves

Let’s show that we care for every being around us.

Prizes wait for us on the shelves

Of Heaven, as we wait to be saved by the Cross.

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