A poem by Tamara Halabarec, former module C student

It is indeed I, the glorious leprechaun hunter
To show you how to catch that little man fast like thunder!

Now listen closely to my story
About how to succeed in glory:

A trap is easy to make,
If you understand
That all a leprechaun wants
Is some gold in his hands.

I got a chest and painted a rainbow on top,
Added some clovers to make it more pop
And then…!
I hid quickly!

Now this is important!
Never forget
To keep an eye out on your chest!
If you’re not looking
Or somehow forget
You might not get what you expect!

And there he was! That little man!
Walking around happy with his gold.
It was my moment to strike,
I was full of enthusiasm and hype.

You may not fear the little man
But treat him with respect.
To your surprise, if your acting is correct
Then you’ll get what you expect!

The Englishing team wishes you happy SAINT PATRICK’S DAY!

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