A morning encounter

Written by Karla Nađ, 4 th year of the Faculty of Education in Osijek

Inspired by the Nobel prize winner Jon Fosse, known for writing in stream-of-consciousness style.

Rain, another rainy morning, another day filled with sadness, what a waste of a day, why
even bother waking up, oh well, I should get out of the bed now or I’ll be late for work,
work, another way to waste my day, but money, yes money, you can do so much with it
and nothing without it, money, I hope I have some change to buy a breakfast, my tummy
is rumbling, so annoying, I should probably feed my cat before I leave, where is that
furry ball anyway, oh well, I guess she’s not hungry, I can’t blame her, even I wouldn’t
like to eat mystery meat from a can, oh well, enjoy your day, see you after work, this
hallway looks so cold, even this doorknob is cold, oh God, when will my suffering end,
birds are singing, so mesmerizing and peaceful, without any worry in the world, so
beautifully altered, oh no, not you, another trouble coming my way, I guess luck is not
on my side today, I hope he doesn’t notice me, well, well, isn’t this my beloved friend, oh
no, well hello, how are you this serene and awfully exquisite morning, tired but keep on
going, but that’s life I guess, oh boy, there’s no stopping him now, once he starts talking
he won’t stop, what is making you tired my friend, barely spilling those words knowing I
will regret them, oh you know, work, kids and stuff, I’m so glad I ran into you, we should
catch up sometimes, haven’t seen you in ages, yes, I hope it stays that way, yes of course,
that would be really lovely, great, I have some plans this weekend but I can make some
arrangements for my good old friend, no need, I can’t this weekend, I have some
unscheduled work to do, with my cat, oh okay, I have to go now, I’ll keep in touch, so
great to see you, it really made my day, you too, finally he’s gone, and I’m late for work,